ExpertOption Trading Tips and Tricks | Trading Tips

Read these carefully before trading in ExpertOption and learn how to trade.

How to Trade like a pro ?

First of all….

I will share signal…you have to follow it…

You have time of 5 min to deal…at the start deal where i have said ( up or down ) wait 3 min….

If my signal is right and graph is moving towards that direction then just wait for the results…

But if graphs are fluctuating…then you have to trade like a pro…it means if graph is moving opposite side of my signal….after 3 min graph is moving towards my opposite side then you have to deal opposite to me and at this time you have to deal double amount of first deal….

Example if i said Up….you have to place a deal at Up in starting…wait for 3 min if graph is moving towards my UP then wait for the results…if graph started fluctuating and moving DOWN side then after 3 min you have to place deal at DOWN and deal of double amount of first deal…

For better knowledge i will share screenshots of Trading❤️

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