Disability Support Pension | Australia

Disability support pension will be eligible if they meet both medical rules and non-medical rules. For those who are eligible should meet the rules and medical rules needs for to check condition of the person, non-medical rules like income, residence status should be verified then person should be eligible for the Disability Support Pension in Australia.

Main Things Needed For Eligible Disability Support Pension

  • Medical Rules
  • Non-Medical Rules

Steps Applying Disability Support Pension

  • To clime disability support pension online must required MyGov account linked to Centrelink. If the account is not there you can apply CLICK TO APPLY
  • Person who are applying disability support need prove there identity
  • Needed Medical evidence and supporting documents for applying the disability support pension
  • After sign In to mygov and enter to the centrelink
  • Submit your clime

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