How to change name in Pubg | Steps to follow to change your name on Pubg

Hello guys many of your came here for changing your PUBG mobile name with the special character and with new look. We will help you to change your name on pubg, Before that you should follow some rules to change your name on pubg.

PUBG mobile comming in India so early change your name on pubg account with stylish characters.

Steps for changing name in PUBG

  • First we need to buy name card witch is available in clan and you can purchase that name card to change your name on pubg.
Pubg name card
  • Then u can easily change your name with style characters and symbols using name card.
PUBG name change
  • After clicking on use u can enter to the website, Here u can type name witch u want to use on your PUBG mobile.
  • click here to change your name styles
  • Enter name witch u want to use in your PUBG mobile and u can change any PUBG mobile name I’d with these website.

PUBG mobile change name symbols

Every PUBG player can use these symbols to change there name with good look, any one can copy these symbols and change your name as pro.

  • ٭Ł
  • ×
  • ®
  • Ø
  • Ð
  • ✮ 
  • ☆ 
  • ✯ 
  • ♔ 
  • ♝ 
  •  ♣
  • ♖ 

Use some of these symbols and your name looks like pro player.

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