How to Make a Sigil Best way to Make a Sigil

There are few steps to make a sigil by following these steps carefully every one can make a sigil in easy way, Let’s get started.

Making of Sigil is a simple thing and must follow the each and every step, We provide every step clearly that solve your problem making sigil and learn how to make a sigil in easy way.

1. Make a Sigil Based on Numbers and letters

Draw a Horizontal and Vertical Box same as shown in the below fig(1). Write numbers and letters same as show in the fig(1), For Example I took 1 to 8 Numbers and A to Z letters take same as shown in the fig(1) below. Make sure follow the steps carefully to make a sigil perfect.


Watch Full Video To Make Sigil

1 thought on “How to Make a Sigil Best way to Make a Sigil”

  1. robert don regenhardt

    you mark out the extra letter and the vowels, but what if your making the sigil and a hole word gets marked out cause of the extra letters?

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