What movie character won two Oscars

The two characters that are won two Oscars Vito Corleone and Joker. These are the best characters witch is awarded Oscars. Vito and joker these characters won the two osars. These is the one of the record that two characters won 2 oscar awards.

1. Vito Corleone

Vito Corleone is the best character from the movie godfather directed by the Francis Ford coppala and adopted from the infamous book of godfather writter by mario puzo. The movie start with the scene, Where we get to know most about this character’s personality these scenes makes an impression on us that we can’t refuse. Talking about the personality, let’s with a backstory about this character.

Vito Corleone

Vito was born in a sicilian village of corleone. As a child Vito was very quiet and kept to himself. At the age of 9 his father Antonio Andolini was murderd by a mafia boss don cico just because he refused to pay him tribute, Paola his brother swore revenge and soon after he was murder too. His desperate mother took Vito to Don cico to ask for forgiveness Don refused as he though vito was harmless now, But when he will grow powerful he will seek for revenge at that moment vito’s mother stuck a knife to Don cicco’s neck allowing Vito to escape he escape from the village corleon and fled to America.

It was not so long he crossed path witch crime. Vito grew smart and logical mafiosa, Now let’s talk about his life as a god father, The people loyal to him were treated important to their crime family. He never let himself controlled by others, he proposed no regret over his life as a criminal. He was the man of negotations with a lot of wealth and lot of connections and many dangerous people under his command, he wa beliver in longterm benefits of courtsey and goodwill and maintaing reputation of fatherely and belovent benefactor.

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Vito corleone never lost his temper seeing how that temper got his father and brother killed, he was a master chess player able to predict his possible opportunities his cold intilligence and calculated ruthlessness gave us the god father that we love to see on the screen

Vito corleone character

2. Joker

Putiing The Joker character into a movie clearly does not automatically makes it grate. So what’s special about joker in the dark kinght is it just health leadger’s excellent performance, Or is there something more going on. The joker turns batman’s strength into a weakness, he can do these because he doesn’t fear death, in to fact he wants batman to kill him. Because he knows batman’s morality takes the form of one rule: he doesn’t kill people.


So the more chaos the joker causes, and the more people he kills. Tthe further he reveals that batman’s moral code also be a weakness. Because the only way to truly stop the joke is to kill him, something batman can never do, But the jokes plan isn’t just to beat batman, it’s to show gothama his true colours.

joker character

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